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*Virtual and In-person options available*

Join us for an in-person or virtual training or workshop experience. Sometimes just leaving the house can be a chore with many of life's challenges in the way. Why not join a group of like- minded people to learn, create and express yourself whether it be through art, teachings from the Elders or taking part in a medicine wheel training or a cultural sensitivity workshop.



Creating Positive Change

Join us for a paint night (virtual option available), a way to take your emotions to the canvas by thinking outside the box. Our paint nights offer a culturally safe space for participants to learn and grow. A fun, relaxing atmosphere that promises to take you on a journey of discovering talents you never thought you had!



Nations Collaborating Together

The medicine wheel is an Indigenous teaching tool that is commonly used across several Indigenous groups to create balance between the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical aspects of an individual. This depiction is a medicine wheel teaching tool developed by the Peer Facilitators and Elders of the Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities (EIWFSC) group in 2019. This concept, designed in collaboration with the four Indigenous groups of the province, represents the collective teachings and commonalities between each culture and speaks to the many similarities between the Indigenous peoples in Newfoundland and Labrador. It is a reminder that Indigenous people are stronger together and signifies our collective connection to the land, the animals and our traditional ways.

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Transforming Lateral Violence into Lateral Love

Lateral violence is expressed in many ways, such as gossip, verbal and physical assaults, passive aggressive behaviours, blaming, shaming, attempts to socially isolate others, demeaning activities, bullying, and threatening or intimidating behaviour.

Lateral kindness is an approach to addressing lateral violence. It is based on Indigenous values that promote social harmony and healthy relationships. Lateral kindness uses indigenous teachings to create an environment built on a foundation of love and kindness.

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