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Peer Facilitator

Hailing from Stephenville NL, Roxanne is the life of the party; a comedian and a good-natured fun maker! She is a cook extraordinaire and loves to share her famous creations with others. Beyond all of that, Roxanne has a huge kind heart and her love for her family and friends is immeasurable. Her protective instincts are her biggest strength. The potential to change the world is at her fingertips. Roxanne is a huge advocate for Mental Health. She is the founder of a social media platform called “A Second Chance” which she created as an avenue for people struggling to have a safe space to open up, share and feel supported without judgement. As a Peer Facilitator with the Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities project, Roxanne is learning more about who she is and is making an impact in her community. Roxanne believes in the power of her culture and traditions and seeks guidance and teachings from her traditional Elders. She is strong, resilient, and dedicated. Her path is inspiring and her intentions are genuine.

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