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Peer Facilitator

Hailing from Halfway Point on the beautiful West Coast of NL, Rosanne is a role model in her community and a perfect example of a kind and compassionate human being. As a Peer Facilitator with the Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities Project, Rosanne values her cultural roots and selflessly gives of herself as she works with her community to deliver workshops on mental health and violence against women. She has a passion for working with women and youth in particular. The ability to bring youth together in a cultural setting and have them be comfortable enough to talk about critical issues of such importance is a testament to the sense of comfort that Rosanne brings to people. She always has a warm, comforting smile to greet people and is a source of strength when she is needed the most. She is compassionate, understanding, reassuring and non-judgmental. She is always there to listen. Her sense of pride in who she is and her love of community keeps her driven in the work that she does.

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