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She is a Trailblazer – Hailing from beautiful Bay St. George in Stephenville NL, Odelle epitomizes the words strong empowered woman. She is fierce, courageous, outspoken, powerful and ambitious. As president of both the Newfoundland Aboriginal Women’s Network and the People of the Dawn Indigenous Friendship Centre as well as serving as the Stephenville ward counsellor of the Qalipu First Nation band, Odelle dedicates her time to improving the lives of all Indigenous people in Newfoundland and Labrador. Her determination, commitment and tireless work ethic has had such a powerful impact on her peers that she has been recognized with and granted the honor of receiving the order of Newfoundland. Serving on the board of directors for Ulnooweg Development Group she is also a strong advocate for entrepreneurship as a retired business owner who has helped pave the way for Indigenous women leaders aspiring to own their own business. As a valued member of the Elders Advisory Committee for the Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities project, Odelle’s cultural knowledge and spiritual role as a traditional sweatlodge keeper is testament to her dedication to community. Odelle has faced countless challenges in her life, and has overcome many struggles. Her spirit is full, her energy is abundant, and she leads in a positive way. Most known for her driven, anything can be achieved if you believe attitude, her famous words are “trust the process”. She is loved and adored by all that are lucky enough to work along side her. She is a believer, a change champion, and role model. Her commitment to our initiative is deeply valued and appreciated. We are proud to call her ours.

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