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Peer Facilitator

Hailing from the quiet little town of Lodge Bay on the South Coast of Labrador, Niki is a Trailblazer. Spirited, electric, dynamic, beautiful, adventurous and courageous - all qualities that can be used to describe this little firecracker of an empowered woman! Niki lights up any room with her bubbly, friendly personality and her love and compassion for those around her is heartwarming. It is no surprise that her day job includes her taking care of others as a creative Nail Technician and Esthetician. But her will to help her community goes beyond this as she is the first female Fire Fighter Chief in her community. Talk about GIRL POWER! Aside from her love of crafting and beading beautiful earrings in her spare time, Niki can be found helping her community in any way that she can. These days she is spending her hours behind her sewing machine, making face masks for community members during the COVID-19 pandemic. Niki has a beautiful heart and she often takes on the pain and hurt of others. Behind her huge smile is a traumatic past. She openly shares her daily struggles and has attributed her work with Mental Health and Violence against Women as a Peer Facilitator for the Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities as a way to help her move past her struggles. She admits that her healing journey is a work in progress, but her contributions and her amazing will to rise above is the strongest most incredible thing about her. She is a true force to reckon with and having her on your side is golden. Her strength and vulnerability combined are what makes her extra special. She is a fighter and we are so blessed to have her on our team!

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