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Peer Facilitator

Descending from Charlottetown, NL, a small community on the Southeast coast of Labrador, Miranda is an Inuk woman from Nunatukavut territory. Hard core, strong, beautiful, resilient; she cares deeply and loves with her whole heart. She is the kind of strong woman you want on your side. She is funny, witty, charming and loyal. Determined to know more about her roots and to help her community, Miranda joined the Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities project to help continue the powerful fight against Mental Health and Violence Against Women. She believes in the power of speaking out and for standing strong for what she believes in. She is fierce! A force to be reckoned with. Her unyielding love for her family is what invigorates her persistence to help make this world a better place. Miranda has the ability to see all of the positive things this world has to offer, and encourages everyone in her presence to do the same. Her kindness knows no boundaries and her commitment to this journey shines through in all that she does.

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