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Hailing from the Innu Nation of Sheshatshiu, Labrador, Helen is a strong Indigenous woman. Although she is a woman of few words, she has a heart the size of the ocean. Helen is kind, compassionate and has an incredible strong will to help her community. Helen’s silent wisdom makes her an exceptional role model and she is a true pillar of strength for her family and community. Helen works as a Family Resource and Parent Support Coordinator at the Mary May Healing Centre in her community and she gives of herself on a regular basis to ensure others have what they need. Helen’s generosity and selflessness shines through. In the midst of a recent community suicide crisis, Helen took the initiative to spread some positivity and started a community project to bring people together which resulted in a community quilt of hope. During the COVID-19 crisis, Helen works tirelessly to prepare and deliver food and essential items to all members in her community. Helen cherishes the love of her family and grandchildren, and has been a dedicated Peer Facilitator and advisor with the Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities project since it’s inception. Helen very generously shares knowledge of her traditional ways from teaching the women how to prepare wild game to sharing her delicious Innu donuts! Helen is a constant source of hope for the project as she has a natural way of empowering all those around her. Her eyes light up when she laughs, and her sense of humour is a source of joy for all those around her.

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