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Hailing from St. John’s, NL with her roots in Nain, Labrador, Ellen is a beautiful Elder with a soft, gentle approach. She is the epitome of a kind and understanding woman that puts her all into everything that she does. When she committed to the Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities project, she did so with her heart and soul and although we are so honored that she is a part of our team, she continuously shows her gratitude for being a part of the journey with the women. As a traditional Elder serving on the Elder’s Advisory Committee, she is the strong silent type. Ellen’s leadership shines through in her every action. She is a source of strength, often standing by those who need to feel her love and support around them to get through a tough time. Her cultural connection is one of her best virtues. A fluent Inuktitut speaker and proud of who she is, Ellen’s ability to speak her language connects her in a special way. Her knowledge of her traditional ways is a powerful tool that she willingly shares as a means to pass on her teachings to the younger generation. Held in high esteem in her community, she represents First Light - St. John’s Native Friendship Centre in a meaningful way. Ellen is generous of her time and always tries to lend her support and offer her advice whenever she can. She is dedicated to her family and is a proud and loving Mother and Grandmother. Non judgemental, always seeing the good in people; she rises above whenever she is called to action. Soft spoken, yet fierce; Quiet, yet powerful. Ellen is everything we could have hoped for in a respected, precious Elder for our project.

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