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Peer Facilitator

 Hailing from the beautiful Miawpukek First Nation reserve in Conne River, NL, Darlene is a one of a kind, gentle spirit that is full of love and heart. Darlene lights up a room with her smile and has the most heart-warming belly laugh that can put anyone in a good mood. She is that “nudge forward”, encouraging friend that always has your back. She will be the person that supports you through a tough time, cheers you on and will be there to reassure you when you need to be reminded that you can accomplish all that you set out to do. She is a pillar of strength and has a deep love and affection for her family. Just being around her makes you feel as though everything will be alright. Darlene comes from a line of Indigenous crafters who all selflessly give of their time and talents to share their craft. Darlene is known in her community and among her peers to be someone that you can count on. She has spent years as a dedicated community volunteer and is instrumental each year as a valuable member of her communities Powwow committee, ensuring the very many tasks of the powwow are completed and run smoothly. Everyone that knows Darlene knows that she is a kind hearted, trustworthy friend. As a Peer Facilitator for the Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities Project, Darlene is able to take her love of community one step further and put into action the issues that are near and dear to her heart. Mental Health and Violence against Women are issues that she takes very seriously and she is determined to put her heart and soul into this as well. Darlene is a very special person that we are lucky to have as a part of our team.

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