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TERA MCDONALD - Consultant

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Tera McDonald is an artist, educator, facilitator, and a member of Qalipu First Nation operating their consulting business, Kalawikk, in St. Philips, Newfoundland. Kalawikk has gained the reputation across Atlantic Canada of creating smart and inclusive marketing and communication strategies. Often organizations and consultants in this space can only effectively do design work or communications, each lacking an inclusivity perspective. Due to Tera’s  knowledge and experience of teaching communications for 17 years, and Inclusivity Coach designation, Kalawikk can effectively execute both pieces. To date Kalawikk has worked with over 20 clients across a variety of industries including: consulting agencies, agricultural organizations, aviation, construction, real estate, Indigenous organizations, digital marketing, film and theatre, property management, healthcare and retail clients.  With 17 years in the educational communications world and a year as a graphic design studio, through Kalawikk, Tera continues to combine knowledge and skills with a focus on inclusive communications and training. Tera provided inclusive spaces for her learners while teaching, and continues to lead with inclusivity in all of her graphic design and communications work. Using all of these skills, Tera works with Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities to discover, strengthen, and define partnership opportunities in the wider Indigenous community.

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