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I am Niki Greely and I live in a quiet little town of Lodge Bay on the South Coast of Labrador; I came to Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities to help break the silence & stigmatism around mental health & gender-based violence. My love for culture and learning traditional crafts has kept me very busy, from beading, traditional slippers, Cossacks and much more; This is how I relax and unwind after a hectic day. I have been a peer facilitator with EIWFSC since inception and have moved forward to become a board member, to help inspire positive mental health & end gender-based violence. Summer months I can be found working at Rifflin Hitch Lodge which is nestled in the astonishing beauty of the remote Northern Labrador wilderness, people come there to experience the culture of Labrador and take in all her beauty. My passion is helping community in any capacity that I can, as well as holding a seat on the board of NLITA (the Newfoundland and Labrador Indigenous Tourism Association) to do my part in building capacity and creating sustainability for our Indigenous communities.

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