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Hailing from St. Georges in the beautiful Bay St. George of NL, Alison is Inspirational. She is a natural beauty with a beautiful, strong spirit. Her spirit name, Crow Diving on a Whale’s Back is a true testament to the depths of her soul. Alison loves deeply and has an interconnectedness with all forms of life. She is an exceptional storyteller and her written words magically bring life to the beauty that she sees around her. She is a drummer, singer, songwriter and has an amazing connection to Mother Earth and all of her beauty and abundance. She respects the land and has a deep connection to her culture and heritage. As Communications Officer for Qalipu First Nation, Alison’s job is to open up and share the experiences of the Mi’kmaq people represented by Canada’s largest landless band. She does this with ease. Alison is a Mother, daughter, sister, friend and trusting confidante. She is especially dedicated to her community through her volunteer work as President of Indian Cove Women’s Circle in St. Georges as well with her local church group. Alison’s contributions to the Empowering Indigenous Women for Stronger Communities project are immense. She is an inspiration to her fellow Peer Facilitators and brings depth, understanding and healing through the sharing of her talents. Her calming, quiet demeanor and focus on detail has a way of grounding you, bringing clarity and direction.

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